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Yoga classes

Whether online or on site in Portugal - treat yourself to a yoga session


If you regularly take part in yoga classes with professional guidance, you will release mental tension without having to concentrate on it.

Other benefits of yoga include:

Benefits of Yoga:


  • You become/stay vital and fit.

  • You treat your body and mind to relaxation and regeneration

  • You tone your body and release muscular tension.

  • You learn to perceive your body better, to get to know it and to listen to valuable signals.

  • Increase your ability to focus, letting go, creativity, clear thinking, self-confidence, assertiveness and more.

  • Organs, nervous system, glands and hormone production regain their natural function.

  • Your physical energy is distributed harmoniously across all your systems.

  • Yoga exercises have a harmonizing and energizing effect when practiced regularly.

  • You help yourself to mental and physical health.

  • Yoga helps you to develop your personality.


Yoga class

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from €7.50

VAT included.

Warrior 2
Yoga-Session am Strand
Tree Pose
Yoga-Session am Strand

Group yoga on site in Portugal:

Do you live in the Algarve or are you here for vacation? Then feel free to join my Whatsapp group, where you will always be up-to-date when and where the next yoga class will take place.

Prices are donation-based with a recommendation of €5.00 per yoga class.

from €7.50

Onsite Private Yoga Session in Portugal:

Do you live in the Algarve or are you here for vacation? Contact me for a private yoga class. So I can focus on you and your needs. The current special price is €30.00. Contact me directly via email, contact form or via Whatsapp.


from €30.00

Online yoga class:

If you would prefer to take part in my yoga classes online, please contact me directly via email, contact form or Whatsapp.

from €7.50

Looking forward to see you in my classes.



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