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Find me on social media


Do you want to get to know me better? Then follow me on social media.

Each profile has its own function and target group:

On Instagram you get to know me and my different facets - private, professional and above all, the depths of my thoughts - a continuous journey through the world and into myself:

On my Facebook page you can get to know me and my coaching project on a professional level:





If you want to have a community feeling, become a member of my Facebook group. Here you will find inspiration around the topics sustainability, inner growth and quality of life. You can find mini-workshops, discussions and, of course, you are most welcome to actively participate or bring your own perspective (as often as you wish):


But most of all I like personal contact and therefore I am open for anyone who would like to connect with me outside of social media. You can either text me privately via social media or contact me via the contact form with a channel of your choice. We will find a way...


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