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My qualifications

“Life's a voyage that's homeward bound.” – Herman Melville


Over 10 years of professional experience in various industries and fields shaped me in many ways. My Bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Succession (Bachelor of Arts) allowed me – besides the theoretical part – practical project work together with companies, on business plans and in workshops. My master's degree in Human Resource Management (Master of Science) gave me in-depth knowledge of personnel development topics. But what trained me the most was one thing in particular:


By examining my surroundings, I recognized what was not running optimally in companies...
commitment, I was able to create change...
interest outside my box, I have steadily broadened my horizons....
Through my
motivation to savor life, I was given untold opportunities....
Through my
flexibility, I have the ability to create linkages of multiple areas....

Our great degrees do us no good if life comes crashing down on us and we do not know how to cope with it....


So my strengths got me ahead in life, but it had always been important to me - and especially become more important in the recent years - to actually BE me.
My strengths also led me to climb the career ladder within a very short time but also taught me that things are not always rosy up there.

So I took the positive things from my several years of experience as a project manager and department head, left the career ladder, and built my own empire (albeit a small empire).
Hence, in my work you will recognize – be it my book, my coaching or other projects – many business and especially project management tools, which I made suitable for everyday use.

You are between
20 and 45 years young and an eternal seeker for the meaning of life?

You are open-minded for your personal development but do not know where to start?

You want to start your development process but are overwhelmed by the task?

You are afraid of big change processes?

You want to develop your potential?

You want to invest in yourself and your development?


You will with me and together with me:

Get to know your inner values.
Build your life strategically according to your inner values and walk the path efficiently.
You will find the meaning of your life along the way.
connections between several topics from different areas.
You will walk a path in
small, steady steps which is adapted to your capacities for change.

Feel free to book an appointment for a free consultation with me to discuss your coaching goals and expectations, and to get to know each other.

I am looking forward to meet you.



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