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General terms and conditions of the raffle


- Conditions of participation competition

- Conditions of participation newsletter

- General terms and conditions for workshops and coaching

- General terms and conditions of book purchase



Subject of the conditions of participation and organizer

(1) These conditions of participation regulate the conditions for participation in the raffle as well as any necessary transfer of rights. The description and the procedure of the respective raffle will take place within the framework of the respective raffle promotion on the Facebook page and the Instagram page of Tassja Buch.


Note that you must register on for the German and for the English version of the book with your name and email address and enter the raffle code "sticksandstonesDE" for the German version of the book and "sticksandstonesEN" for the English version of the book in the "raffle code" field.


As long as the winners of the competition have not been drawn, we ask you not to unsubscribe from the newsletter, as this would result in you being eliminated from the competition. The winners of the competition should not unsubscribe from the newsletter until I have contacted them for the address details, otherwise the contact details would be lost.

(2) The organizer of the competition is Tassja Buch.


(3) With the participation in the respective raffle, these conditions of participation are accepted.


(4) The raffle is neither associated with Facebook or Instagram, nor is it sponsored, supported or organized by Facebook or Instagram.


2. Participation

(1) All persons who have reached the age of 18 and are resident in Germany are eligible to participate in the competition. Participation with forged identities or identities of third parties is not permitted.


(2) All persons who follow the instructions described in the announcement in order to participate in the competition are eligible to participate.


(3) Participation is possible within the period stated in the announcement.


3. Prizes and notification of prizes

(1) We will draw the prizes among all eligible participants.


(2) The winners will be drawn among all eligible participants on 30.06.2021 at 6 pm (Central European Summer Time) on the Instagram channel in the live video using the random number generator.


One winner per book will be drawn (one for the German version "Kaizen-Up your Life" and one for the English version "Kaizen-ify your Life"). The video will be in English, as the Instagram channel is in English.


Winners will be notified by email and asked to provide the shipping address in order to ship the book, with proper and truthful personal information to ensure proper shipping. This information will be used to ship the prize.


(3) If we do not receive an email from a winner within the 14 day period, the claim to the prize will expire. In this case, we are entitled, but not obligated, to conduct a substitute draw.


(4) Only one prize is possible per participant.


(5) The prize is neither transferable nor can the prize be exchanged or paid out in cash.


(6) Should circumstances arise for which we are not responsible, the respective winner will accept an appropriate substitute prize.


(7) The prize will be sent to the winner by mail to the address provided. The shipment will take place within 14 days after receipt of the address. The risk is transferred to the winner when the prize is handed over to a transport person/transport company (e.g. DHL). Tassja Buch is not responsible for delivery damages and lost packages.

4. Liability and compensation

(1) If the participant uploads photos, the participant guarantees that he/she will not send any content whose provision, publication or use violates applicable law or the rights of third parties.


(2) The participant indemnifies us against all claims by third parties, of whatever nature, resulting from the illegality of the photos used by the participant. The indemnification obligation also includes the obligation to fully indemnify the organizer from legal defense costs (e.g. court and attorney fees).


(3) By participating in the contest, the participant releases Facebook and Instagram from any liability.


5. Exclusion

(1) A violation of these conditions of participation entitles us to exclude the respective participant from participation. This applies in particular if the participant provides false information or if photos or other content used (e.g. comments) violate applicable law or the rights of third parties. The same applies to comments that glorify violence, are insulting, harassing or degrading, or otherwise offend common decency.


(2) If the excluded participant is a winner who has already been drawn, the prize may be subsequently withdrawn.


6. Early termination and changes

I reserve the right to prematurely terminate the competition in whole or in part at any time, even without observing deadlines, or to change its course if it is not possible to ensure proper implementation of the competition for technical reasons (e.g. computer virus, manipulation of or errors in software/hardware) or legal reasons (e.g. prohibition by Facebook or Instagram).


7. Data protection

I am responsible for the collection, processing and use of the personal data of the participants, if I process them myself. Personal data of the participant and other personal data will only be used in accordance with the legal provisions of data protection law. 


The participant agrees that his specified name will be published on the website, in the newsletter and on the social media channels of the competition provider in the event of winning.


8. Final provisions

(1) If the conditions of participation contain invalid provisions, the validity of the remaining conditions shall not be affected.


(2) German law shall apply. Legal recourse to review the lottery procedure is excluded.



1. scope of application

1.1 These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "T&C") apply to the use of the newsletter of Tassja Buch Coaching & Mentoring.

1.2 The T&C are accepted by the subscriber by sending the registration.

1.3 Notifications to Tassja Buch Coaching & Mentoring shall be sent to the following address: Tassja Buch, Springbornstr. 66, 12487 Berlin-Germany. Alternatively, the email address is also available for correspondence.


2 Liability

2.1 Tassja Buch is not liable for false information caused and disseminated by participants and/or third parties in connection with the sending of information via the newsletter. In particular, Tassja Buch assumes no liability if e-mails or data entries (e.g. in online participant forms of the newsletter) do not comply with the technical requirements specified in these T&C or those specified for the website and are consequently not accepted and/or accepted by the system.

2.2 Tassja Buch is not liable for offers made by third parties. Tassja Buch is not liable for links and references made within the scope of the newsletter to external content are correct or complete.

2.3 Tassja Buch does not guarantee that the newsletter service or the respective newsletter website is available at all times and can be accessed by interested parties or is free of content or technical errors.

2.4 Tassja Buch reserves the right to terminate the newsletter service prematurely and without notifying the users if, due to external disturbances or technical problems, a secure and smooth organization of the newsletter can no longer be guaranteed.


3. advertising measures, consent

3.1 The subscriber may revoke this consent at any time by sending an e-mail to


4. data protection, right of revocation

4.1 In the collection, processing and use of personal data of the participant, Tassja Buch observes the applicable data protection law. The participant can revoke his consent to the storage and use of his data at any time by sending an e-mail to With the deletion of the data, the use of the newsletter is excluded.



5. final provisions

5.1 Deviations from these T&C must be made in writing to be effective. The same applies with regard to the waiver of the written form requirement.

5.2 If individual provisions of these T&C are or become invalid and/or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining T&C shall remain unaffected.

5.3 The place of performance and jurisdiction is Berlin, insofar as an agreement on this is legally permissible. Tassja Buch reserves the right to sue the participant also at his place of residence and before any other competent court in Germany or abroad.


Terms and Conditions for Courses; Workshops coaching by Tassja Buch

Valid for all registrations from December 15, 2022

The conditions of participation, rights of withdrawal, etc. are in each case on the correspondingcoaching sitesto find. In addition, before the first coaching, a coaching contract is provided by the coach, which explicitly breaks down the conditions of the coaching.

1. Registration
You can register orally, in writing using the online registration form or by email. Payment by bank or cash on site Payment of the workshop and course fee. Agreed dates for the group workshops and courses are binding. Agreed appointments for 1:1 coaching are binding if they have been confirmed by both parties and canceled verbally or in writing at least 24 hours in advance.

2. Cancellation of courses and workshops
The following regulation applies to all courses, events and workshops for which you have registered and from which you would like to unsubscribe. All cancellations must be in writing - by email to:

2.1 The following regulations apply to all cancellations:

Cancellation from 30 days before the start of the course/workshop - cancellation fee 50% of the total amount. The remaining amount will be refunded to your account. Please provide bank details in your deregistration.

Cancellation at short notice from 14 days before the start of the course/workshop - cancellation fee 75% of the total amount. The remaining amount will be refunded to your account. Please provide bank details in your deregistration.

Cancellation at short notice from 7 days before the start of the course/workshop - the entire course/workshop fee is due. This regulation applies to all short-term cancellations received from 7 days before the start of the seminar, as well as to non-appearance without cancellation or premature termination of the event.

Excluded from this are discounts, sales or other price reductions from the original price, which must be paid according to the promotion so that the price reduction can be claimed. There is no cancellation of price reductions.
Cancellation fees for any room bookings: Please bear the responsibility for your room booking in a seminar hotel or retreat house. If cancellation costs for the overnight stay are incurred due to a short-term cancellation, you must pay these yourself. You can find out about the respective cancellation conditions on the website of the relevant seminar house/retreat house or ask them directly at the seminar house.

*Corona clause: In the event of cancellation due to an entry ban due to current Federal Council regulations, there are no costs for the participants.

2.2 Cancellation of a course/workshop by the organizer
If a minimum number of participants is not reached, in the event of illness or other adverse circumstances, the workshop/course can be canceled within a reasonable period of time. Any payments you have already made will be fully refunded to you. In addition, there are no further claims against the organizer for any flights, tickets or hotel costs that may have been booked.

*Corona clause: if the event is canceled due to Federal Council regulations, there are no costs for the participants. Course fees that have already been paid will be reimbursed in full.

2.3 Disclaimer
With the registration, each participant declares that he himself is fully responsible for his own actions, learning and health during the entire workshop/course, that he is sufficiently insured and that the organizer, Tassja Buch, is exempt from any liability claims .

2.4 Disclaimers
The offers are further education and serve to expand knowledge, inner development and conscious lifestyle. Our work in the coaching, workshops, courses and yoga classes does not replace a visit to the doctor or therapeutic treatment. Please always take this into account when making your decisions and take good care of yourself.

2.5 Validity
These registration conditions apply to all events, courses, workshops, online workshops, courses and other events with Tassja Buch. By registering, you agree to these terms.

2.6 Copyright
The author and organizer reserve all rights to the content for all content, worksheets: work and read e-books, podcasts, videos, e-books and publications. The pages of my website may be quoted, copied and passed on freely for private, non-commercial use only, provided the source is stated. Any other use requires prior written approval. Tassja Buch retains sole copyright and publication rights.

2.7 Pictures of the workshop
If photos are taken, they may be used by the organizer and its photographers for advertising purposes on the website and social media. The resulting images may also be used by the participants.



Tassja Buch assumes no liability for her published books. Liability lies with the respective publisher.

As of June 15, 2021

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