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Who am I?

A world wide wandress who – just as she travels to other countries – is not afraid to travel inside herself...


Do you know this feeling of being in the wrong place in this world?

Actually, you seem fine. You have everything you need - maybe even more. Nevertheless a dark cloud surrounds you. You think that you want more from life, you have ideas and conceptions. Sometimes you even put them into practice, but afterwards you realize that even that could not dissolve the cloud.

Do you possibly even feel powerless, lonely and isolated?


You do not know where life is going for you. And this feeling makes you uncomfortable.

I was at that point! And not just once in my life.

Therefore I know exactly how you feel and I am happy to share my experiences with you.

I realized that the hard-to-describe feeling comes from the fact that we humans often wander aimlessly through the world. Or even worse: we pursue goals that do not originate from our true self. This can result in symptoms such as stress, overload and fear.

Outside and inside world


The outside and inside world play an important role. The - partly unwritten - set of rules of the outside world determines our life, but it does not correspond to what we want inside. Quite often we are unconsciously controlled by the outside world or allow ourselves to be controlled. If we look inside, we are often deterred by what we find because if we see that our innermost dreams and desires are contrary to what society has defined for us, then this can be quite daunting.

Most of us have closed the access to our inner world long ago. I, too, have done it. It is this discrepancy between outer and inner world that brings us into this dissatisfaction
- the desire for a meaning in life.

I tried to find the meaning of life by travelling in other cultures. Maybe there would be a secret there that I could find, I thought. I was looking for something but did not know what it was.

I was looking for answers to an indefinable question: What is happiness and where can I find it?

Tassja winkt dir zu
Sicht auf Sonnenuntergang von Gili Islands
Tassja sitz auf einer Bank mit Blick zum Meer
Grüne Wiese mit hohen Bergen im Hintergrund

The journey within


In order to answer this question, I first had to make many findings.

After countless trips to different countries and many pulsating places, I was at some point not only over-stimulated but above all I understood one thing:

What we see is rarely what it is.

While it looks wonderful on the outside, the inner world often looks completely different. Photos of beautiful places are in reality usually not so wonderful anymore. Another - very frightening - realization came to light:

That which looks nice on the outside is more popular - regardless of whether it corresponds to reality or not. Even the algorithms that determine the range of your posts on social networks are designed to do so. Thus, a photo that shows the dirty side of the coin, such as a garbage-contaminated beach in Cambodia, will not reach as many people as a photo that shows a supposedly tourist-free place and has passed through several filters.

There came a point on my trips where I found it a real pity that I could not enjoy the beauty around me anymore but I caught myself posting only the beautiful moments on Facebook. I realized that I was living in a bubble that I had created myself but which did not correspond to reality. So I developed my way towards a more authentic life.

I got to know my inner values, to appreciate and to love them and noticed how often I stood in my way of living my own values. So inner fears and my ego very often fought for attention. But I could also deal with them step by step - even if they still try to keep me busy.

Tassja liebt die Welt
Der schönste Strand der Welt
Tassja wander durch die vietnamesischen Reisfelder
Blick auf den glasklaren Soca-Fluss in Slowenien

To a meaningful life with KISS

On the way, I saw myself rising and falling. I was bent and broken but seized the chances again and again and kept on running. Without realizing it at first, I developed my own concept: the KISS lifestyle.



Steps to


Same as the Japanese corporate philosophy Kaizen, my lifestyle is about the path to continuous improvement in small steps. Small steps help me to not overstrain myself and thereby give up my path. They also help me to better recognize where my path has been positive and where I can optimize it without constantly demanding too much of myself by constantly making huge changes. Of course there were the odd ups and downs along the way. But I always learned in the down phases and took the insights with me on my further path.

Life is a rollercoaster but if we raise our arms and look forward towards the downhill ride with a smile, then we can use the momentum for the next ascent.

Do you want to jump on the train and follow your path of continuous improvement together with me? Then book your free initial consultation with me today.




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