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The bonus material is usually only available as additional material to my book and serves as working material.


You currently have the opportunity to download the bonus material without purchasing the book.


So grab it before it's too late.


The working material will help you to make your steps towards the KISS lifestyle easier, and you can even hang it up decoratively to make your progress visible.

Are you enthusiastic about the work material and would like to purchase the book or book a coaching session to help you

K aizen  I nspired S teps for Self-improvement?


You want to


  • achieve your individual goals with determination?

  • live a life in more self-determination?

  • get more authenticity in your life?

  • get to know and live your inner values?

  • live your dreams but still don't know how to tread the path?


Are you an eternal seeker and finally want to go the right way?

What is the difference between the coaching and the book?


The coaching "Kaizen-ify your Life" is - in contrast to the book - personally tailored to you. Accordingly, methods and approaches are used that correspond to your individual topics.


Use your personal and individually tailored accompaniment on the KISS path and contact me now for a free introductory meet-and-greet.



Iam looking forward to hear from you.




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